Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello Dearies,
I thought i'd share a nail D.I.Y. that i'm DYING to try.
Ive been inspired by the blue polish from my "Spotty Dotty" post.
So inspired that i went out & purchased some blue polish!
Its bluer than i had anticipated but i am just thhat much more inspired b/c of its TRUE BLUE quality.
Which is what leads me to my next D.I.Y. to try....the good old American Flag for the 4th of July.
Tell me, have you tried this before? What were your results? Any ideas to add to the pot?

I'm so excited can't wait for next week to give them a shot.
Look out for pics sometime next week :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spotty Dotty

Jeans: Old Navy | Ring: Payless | Sandals: Old Navy
Polish: Orly-Charged up (Blue) #40679 & O.P.I.- Did it on em (Green) #NLN13

In dire need of FRESH nails i took a pit-stop at a local nail shop.
Uninspired but in dire need of a fresh coat i had no intent of designs,
All i knew was I was feeling dark, but not black yet i still wanted a POP & i found it in this FAB shrek green (:
The lady doing my wretched toes (despise my toes) was wearing a sweater similar to this haha
all it took was a sweater and *BOOM* instant inspiration!
Don't you just love getting inspired by the most random things.
Whats the oddest thing that has inspired you? What colors are you salvitating over?

Catch you next time,

Lee xo

Friday, June 08, 2012

Grey Anatomy

Jeans: Machine | Sweater: unknown | Top: The boyfriends undershirt (Hanes)
Sandals: Old Navy | Necklace: Random boutique | Ring: Bebe

AHHH Alas tis FRIDAY WHEW did the week ever flew by!
I'm SUPER pumped b/c i'm going camping in San Diego via Campland USA.
With that being said unfortunately/fortunately being up & packing/prepping til 3AM & waking in 4 hrs to go to work for 10 hrs only to have to drive to San Diego from LA afterwards i had an casual dress itch.
Something transitional as you can imagine was a must!!
So what better than a wife beater (hate that word) erm undershirt & a statement necklace to to mix casual cool & comfy? I mean i'm going to need to be very comfortable as i sleep all the way there haha.
I've survived my day by countless consumption cups of coffee & a NOS so yea time to wrap up in my pink blanket and NAPTIME indeed. I say well deserved don't you?
So what about you, what do you most hate about taking trips? and what are your must haves to travel with?

Ps. Had an awesome burrito & Chocolate bundt cake from Stuff I Eat- Inglewood ca (my go-to for vegan/vegetarian grub)

XO'S & (;