Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spotty Dotty

Jeans: Old Navy | Ring: Payless | Sandals: Old Navy
Polish: Orly-Charged up (Blue) #40679 & O.P.I.- Did it on em (Green) #NLN13

In dire need of FRESH nails i took a pit-stop at a local nail shop.
Uninspired but in dire need of a fresh coat i had no intent of designs,
All i knew was I was feeling dark, but not black yet i still wanted a POP & i found it in this FAB shrek green (:
The lady doing my wretched toes (despise my toes) was wearing a sweater similar to this haha
all it took was a sweater and *BOOM* instant inspiration!
Don't you just love getting inspired by the most random things.
Whats the oddest thing that has inspired you? What colors are you salvitating over?

Catch you next time,

Lee xo