Thursday, September 06, 2012

FNOla *revisited*

So if you have even a remote interest in fashion/clothing then you definitely should be conscious if not FULLY aware of FASHION'S NIGHT OUT. I mean its the next biggest thing to fashion week if you ask me! This event meant a lot as this was the first time my sister and i had hung out after being reunited as adults, ever in our lives at 23/24 yrs old.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Daring Denim {INSPIRATION}

CRAZY fan of spikes & edgy, and it doesnt get any easier than this!
Time to add some DIY funk to my plain jane motif again (;



Friday, August 10, 2012

Santee Alley *HAUL*

Hey Lovlies,
Boy have i been MIA! Work has been hectic and i've had hardly a moment to breathe but i'm back and id thought id share my recent shopping experience with you. I have a few DIY'S in mind and decided i was going to ACTUALLY start the process to do them. If i continue about how i never have time i will never do it, so JUST DO IT! Do you have any "pending" DIYS in mind? Where do you get your inspiration?

An L.A. girl can never have too many shades

My soon to be Denim masterpiece

Khaki is ALWAYS cool

Time to retire my OLD Old Navy bag

Fedora <3

Spikes, INSTA-cool in my book


Friday, July 20, 2012





YES!!!! I will take EVERY SINGLE PAIR thank YOU!
When it comes to shoes i am the 1st to pick comfort over style necessarily; given the environment.
I don't like whining and complaining of foot issues. So i JUMP to sneakers & flats despite my deep LOVE of heels!
To have a wedge, a tenni AND be tall OMG pure heaven!
Now we all know the Isabel Marant "Bekket"' & the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Kisha" wedge sneaker grabbed major attention but if your like me can't pay that much for shoes
So these are the best way to try out the trend and not feel the bad if you realize these aren't your cup of tea.

Whats your take on the wedged sneaker? Mass ugliness or comfortable flyness?
Personally I can't wait to see oodles of outfit possibilities!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My MUST Have-Choker.

Ralph Lauren on SALE $49.99

Tanna's Wide High Polished Gold Bib Choker $57.95

Becky's Shiny Gold Double Strand Choker $38.95

Choker: Bcbgeneration SOLD OUT (Similar Here) | Earrings: BCBGeneration

Hello my beaut's & Fashionistas alike!
Now i know if your as obsessed w/ accessories as i am, your probably dying over the wave of chokers out now, especially of the GOLD kind. I've been oogling for them for quite some time & upon a random stop into BCBGeneration i ran across some Golden Goodness.
I love these pieces, they go with everything!
Unfortunately my specific choker is sold out online, but Fantasy Jewelry Box has some GREAT imitations!
Do you guys have any accessory obsessions ie rings, bracelets, cuffs?

Happy Hunting!

<3 Lee

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Red, White and Blue

HOO-RAH alas my nail FLAGGED Nail tutorial :)
I decided to take a quirkier approach to my flags and did marbleized flag. I've seen this ALL over and have been ITCHING to try it,I had a blast but boy was this messy.
Have any of you tried this? What was your biggest peeve?

Things you need:
Nail buffer (to smooth, shine & shape your nails)
Orange stick (cuticles)
Small bowl filled w/ water
Flat surface that u can make messy i.e. show box lid
Polish remover
LOTSSS of Q-tips to clean edges

Polishes from left -> right:
Wet N' Wild Fast Dry (Saved by the Blue)
Milani Nail laquer (Ruby Jewels)
L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art (Gold Glitter)
Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base/Top Coat (Clear)
Covergirl Boundless Color (White Night)
Maybelline Express Finish 50 sec (Clear)

Make sure your nails are smooth, and even so that the polish lays flat and wont peel.

Start by placing drops of the colors you would like, add more of a color if you'd like it to be the focus color.

Dip each finger individually until entire nail covered to your desire
(do this quickly, as the polish dries it doesnt lay flat on your nail when you lift it up and u have to flatten it yourself...BIGGER mess!)

Take a swab to the edges of your nails, and wipe the pad of your nails w/ polish remover


Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello Dearies,
I thought i'd share a nail D.I.Y. that i'm DYING to try.
Ive been inspired by the blue polish from my "Spotty Dotty" post.
So inspired that i went out & purchased some blue polish!
Its bluer than i had anticipated but i am just thhat much more inspired b/c of its TRUE BLUE quality.
Which is what leads me to my next D.I.Y. to try....the good old American Flag for the 4th of July.
Tell me, have you tried this before? What were your results? Any ideas to add to the pot?

I'm so excited can't wait for next week to give them a shot.
Look out for pics sometime next week :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spotty Dotty

Jeans: Old Navy | Ring: Payless | Sandals: Old Navy
Polish: Orly-Charged up (Blue) #40679 & O.P.I.- Did it on em (Green) #NLN13

In dire need of FRESH nails i took a pit-stop at a local nail shop.
Uninspired but in dire need of a fresh coat i had no intent of designs,
All i knew was I was feeling dark, but not black yet i still wanted a POP & i found it in this FAB shrek green (:
The lady doing my wretched toes (despise my toes) was wearing a sweater similar to this haha
all it took was a sweater and *BOOM* instant inspiration!
Don't you just love getting inspired by the most random things.
Whats the oddest thing that has inspired you? What colors are you salvitating over?

Catch you next time,

Lee xo

Friday, June 08, 2012

Grey Anatomy

Jeans: Machine | Sweater: unknown | Top: The boyfriends undershirt (Hanes)
Sandals: Old Navy | Necklace: Random boutique | Ring: Bebe

AHHH Alas tis FRIDAY WHEW did the week ever flew by!
I'm SUPER pumped b/c i'm going camping in San Diego via Campland USA.
With that being said unfortunately/fortunately being up & packing/prepping til 3AM & waking in 4 hrs to go to work for 10 hrs only to have to drive to San Diego from LA afterwards i had an casual dress itch.
Something transitional as you can imagine was a must!!
So what better than a wife beater (hate that word) erm undershirt & a statement necklace to to mix casual cool & comfy? I mean i'm going to need to be very comfortable as i sleep all the way there haha.
I've survived my day by countless consumption cups of coffee & a NOS so yea time to wrap up in my pink blanket and NAPTIME indeed. I say well deserved don't you?
So what about you, what do you most hate about taking trips? and what are your must haves to travel with?

Ps. Had an awesome burrito & Chocolate bundt cake from Stuff I Eat- Inglewood ca (my go-to for vegan/vegetarian grub)

XO'S & (;


Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B or NOT 2 Bebe

Top: 2b | Leggings: Bp. | Boots: DAV (My faves!!)

I find it a bit funny how many of the things you hated as a child you learn to appreciate as an in point i pulled my clothes out the night before instead of trying to pile something together half woken. My that a different story :) How about you, are there any things you despised as a child but do as an adult? I'd love to hear! Btw. working on a sophisticated camera, my Blackberry 9900 is wonderful but i'm sure your dying for quality consistent photos as much as i am.