Friday, July 20, 2012





YES!!!! I will take EVERY SINGLE PAIR thank YOU!
When it comes to shoes i am the 1st to pick comfort over style necessarily; given the environment.
I don't like whining and complaining of foot issues. So i JUMP to sneakers & flats despite my deep LOVE of heels!
To have a wedge, a tenni AND be tall OMG pure heaven!
Now we all know the Isabel Marant "Bekket"' & the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Kisha" wedge sneaker grabbed major attention but if your like me can't pay that much for shoes
So these are the best way to try out the trend and not feel the bad if you realize these aren't your cup of tea.

Whats your take on the wedged sneaker? Mass ugliness or comfortable flyness?
Personally I can't wait to see oodles of outfit possibilities!!